“The pleasure of uniqueness”

Quinta do Peto wines are unique wines, grown to be the best of our house. These wines are produced in limited quantities and in exceptional years.

Solar dos Dragos

Honoring generations

They are authentic wines, created to honor the generations that have always had a lot of dedication, respect and a particular tenderness for the land.


“The joviality of the Douro”

Portas do Solar wines are a reflection of a fresh and young Douro, which reveal the elegance of the region in a unique way.


“A special dedication”

Roble carries in its name a historic homage that dates back hundreds of years.

It is dedicated to an oak (Roble), a tree with a centenary presence on the property that served for years as a meeting point for people who worked the land. It was shelter from the weather and shade to protect from high temperatures.

Although it is no longer physically on the Quinta, as a result of its age, it will be forever remembered with this loving tribute.


The Douro has soils rich in nutrients and composed of laminated metamorphic rocks, known as shale, perfect for planting / cultivating vines and olive groves.

In the landscape of Cima Corgo, the steep banks of the Douro River have a rugged relief and the valleys of its tributaries become deep, with essentially schist geological formations, making the soil more rugged and rough.