Our Quintas

The cradle of our nectars

The Douro Region is one of the oldest and most beautiful demarcated regions in the history of wine, having been recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2001. It is here, in the central sub-region Cima-Corgo, that is the birthplace of our nectars.

Our Quintas are inspiring and magical places, where each terroir and each vine feed our audacity to produce more and better products. These are pieces of our identity, carefully worked out so that we can offer excellent wines and high quality oils.

Quinta do Peto

At Quinta do Peto, located in Sanradela – Alijó – in the Cima Corgo sub-region, vineyards with particular characteristics stand out, from which elegant wines are obtained, loaded with aromatic freshness and sophisticated olive oils of exceptional quality.

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Quinta dos Marinhos

Quinta dos Marinhos is located in Cabeda – Alijó – a unique place that harmoniously combines, in its vineyard landscapes, the age of the vineyard with its altitude.

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Prazo and Regada Nova vineyards

These are the oldest vineyards, the ones that support on each piece of land and on each vine the most beautiful stories and memories that wine brings to our imagination.