Olive Oils

An essential ingredient

The synergy between wine and oil, in the Douro lands, goes back to a past with traditions and values of cultivation of the land deeply rooted in its people.

The Douro region has essential and special characteristics that enhance the production of this ingredient, essential in the Mediterranean diet. Fertile land, favorable microclimate and predominantly schist soils are fundamental for the cultivation of olives.

It is in the Douro that olive oils are obtained with a high degree of quality, with good consistency, darker colors and more intense flavors.


Grande Escolha

The “Quinta do Peto – Grande Escolha’’ is a very fruity and fresh olive oil, both on the nose and in the mouth.

Its characteristics are the strong aroma of fresh olives, herbs and tomatoes. In the mouth it presents an exuberant and persistent spicy, with a note of olive leaves and dry fruits, having a harmonious and very long finish.


Late Harvest

Delicate olive oil, 100% pure, of superior quality, obtained only by mechanical processes in a mill with the most advanced technologies and cold extracted directly from olives from the traditional Douro olive groves.



This classic olive oil was obtained from our traditional olive grove. It is the Douro valley typical kind, that surrounds the vineyards, serving as a complement to wine.


Going up the Douro River, we enter the sub-region of Cima-Corgo, where the climate of the Mediterranean type is drier and with little rainfall, resulting in lower yield grapes.

However, these characteristics and the greater concentration of historic high quality vineyards in this sub-region, allow to produce wines with a unique structure and complexity, more concentrated and with greater aging potential.